Hi internet, I’m Jay, the Worldly Nerd!

I was your average American nerd until moving abroad a few years ago. I’ve been constantly curious about foreign history, culture, food, and discoveries all the while. I also get stir-crazy quickly.

Now I’m joined by my lovely girlfriend, Trang. We’re setting off on the road again. The Vietnamese have a word I like: Phượt. It means, essentially, “extended road trip by motorbike.” We decided that’s what we needed to do to satisfy our curiosity!

We are traveling light, simple, and cheap, carrying only what fits on our little motorbike. We aim to see not only the famous tourist sights, but also the simple, the mundane, and particularly, the authentic. Every place has a history. Every human a story. We can never uncover them all, but we mean to find what we can. We’ll take our nerdiness to the science, culture, history, and beauty of the world, and we hope to bring you other nerds of the world along for the ride!

We’re writing up our experiences here on this blog, posting videos on Youtube, documenting photos on Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter. We hope to interact with our fellow nerds from around the globe, so feel free to give us a shout at any of the above, or send an email to theworldlynerd@gmail.com.

I hope you’ll join us on our grand phượt of discovery!