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Saigon Coffee Shop Reviews

As mentioned here, I’m compiling a list of personal reviews of coffee shops I visit in Saigon. I do most of my writing at coffee shops. I typically spend three to five hours at a time at one, if it’s comfortable enough. The characteristics I rate highly are the comfort/viability of using a laptop there, overall atmosphere, and, of course, the quality and price of the coffee. I’ll also give you some pointers on finding the place if it’s difficult to locate (as happens so often around here).

So you say you're a java-junkie, eh?
Saigon Coffee

I use the basic cà phê đen đá, or Vietnamese black iced coffee, as my barometer for coffee quality. Effectively every coffee shop in the country offers both it and cà phê sữa đá (iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk), so I figure it’s a good metric.

Come join me in exploring the unexpected coffee capitol of the world: Saigon! I will link to all my reviews here as they accrue. Come back regularly for more!

Ratings on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best

Coffee ShopLocation (district)Flavor RatingWorkspace RatingAtmosphere RatingPrice Rating
Cà Phê Bản SonateDistrict 18565
Coffee Đã Từng ThấyDistrict 18667
B Coffee LoungeDistrict 33975
Raw CoffeeDistrict 16767
Caffé BeneDistrict 11762
The Coffee HouseTân Bình7664
Urban StationPhú Nhuận7458
Story M CoffeeDistrict 17683
The WorkshopDistrict 15562
Nguyễn CaféDistrict 37665
City HouseGò Vấp8696
CI5 CoffeeDistrict 36675
Alien CoffeeGò Vấp4876
Anna CoffeePhú Nhuận4765
Ghém Cuisine & CoffeeDistrict 18665
Café TrầmPhú Nhuận6693
District 17671
Thức CoffeePhú Nhuận6667
District 17785
Gallerie CoffeePhú Nhuận5587
Napoli CoffeeDistrict 38459
Royal Tea HouseDistrict 15875
Molino CoffeeDistrict 36868
The Journal CoffeeDistrict 36488
Cooku's Nest CaféDistrict 38694
Cộng Cá PhêTân Bình8877
Thi Fi CaféDistrict 16697
Héritage Café Et BistroDistrict 36996
Café Sài Gòn XưaDistrict 109679
Café 365Tân Bình7878
Cá Phê MâyDistrict 37796
Happy HouseGò Vấp8777
Đen &
Trắng Coffee
District 37695
M2C CaféDistrict 18784
Café Tí NịDistrict 17678
Mêlee CaféDistrict 13866
S CaféPhú Nhuận7795
Hoang CafeDistrict 36695
Xe CafeDistrict 373710
33 CoffeeDistrict 37779
42 CafeDistrict 39875
Passio CoffeeBình Thạnh5658
Coffee TimeDistrict 18767
The SNAP CafeDistrict 29873
The Fig Lounge & CoffeePhú Nhuận8685
NoMad CafeDistrict 16678
Artfolio CafeDistrict 56866
Yesterday Piano CafePhú Nhuận7584
Hornbill SaigonDistrict 39775
Cà Phê NhỏPhú Nhuận 6776
Cà Phê NguyễnDistrict 36868
T-CoffeeDistrict 39768
Trung Nguyen LegendPhú Nhuận9872
My Life CoffeeDistrict 39885
Lộc VùngPhú Nhuận8586
Ha CafeGò Vấp8787
ITune CoffeeDistrict 107597
Du Miên Garden CafeGò Vấp77106
Mr. Cú CoffeeDistrict 36688
The Luke's CafeDistrict 18568
Nhà Saigon CafeBình Thạnh7578
Sora CafeDistrict 18864
Vintage CoffeeBình Thạnh8868
Petit Four CoffeeDistrict 19987
Rin CoffeeDistrict 36878
Cafe CộiPhú Nhuận8698
Cafe Cõi XưaTân Bình5696
Biz Net Cafe & ShopGò Vấp5787
The Coffee FactoryDistrict 18865
KT CoffeeTân Bình7968
Miền Đồng Thảo CoffeePhú Nhuận6795
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