Anna Coffee

15 June, 2017
Anna Coffee
53 Trương Quốc Dung, Phú Nhuận District
Wifi password: 88888888

Anna was a random find as I was driving around. It’s a large indoor shop that looks…honestly I don’t know the right moniker for it, but it’s distinctly non-local. The chairs are couch style, tables are large enough to fit four with a bit of squeeze. The décor is glitzy and sometimes made me think “Middle-Eastern” and other times “Chinese mafia.” And then there’s the stage that looks outfitted for a Jimmy Buffett cover band. Music over the speakers was a little loud, but at least it wasn’t stuff I recognized – I think most of it was in French.

Again, this is a lunch/coffee establishment, and I arrived at the tail end of lunch time. A full host of alcoholic drinks can be had here, in addition to the Viet coffees, teas, juices, and smoothies. Prices for drinks are high, but not as astronomical as I worried when I first entered (meal prices are also pretty reasonable, but I can’t speak to portion size or quality). My black coffee cost 36,000đ, but sadly was bitter and not very strong – not what I was hoping for.

Coffee: 4/10
Workspace: 7/10
Atmosphere: 6/10
Price: 5/10
Verdict: I might put up with the prices if the coffee were better. If you want something else, though, and in a well-air-conditioned place, maybe it will interest you.

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