Is this place blurry, or is it just the caffeine?

Cafe Sài Gòn Xưa

9 July, 2017
Cafe Sài Gòn Xưa
506 Ba Tháng Hai, District 10
Wifi: free. Just click the “Nhấn vào đây đề kết nối internet” button on the sign-in page.

Café Sài Gòn Xưa means “Old Saigon café.” It’s essentially a side-street family coffee shop with an air conditioner. It’s very much the style of the small open-air locations you see every ten meters. All its chairs are wooden, but it does at least have some reasonably sized tables. Music was Vietnamese and the wall features a very nice mural of the Bến Thành market (the popular tourist sight downtown).

Their menu is only in Vietnamese, but the headings, in order, translate to: “Coffee/tea,” “Special,” “Grindstone” (smoothies), and “Fruit” (juice). Prices are very reasonable. As usual I went for the plain black coffee (cà phê đá), which ran for 17,000đ – less than half what I paid at the previous place.

And if you want bang for your buck, holy shit, does “Old Saigon” deliver! It’s been a while since I had a coffee this strong. I decided it’d be best to wait a bit for some of the ice to melt, but there’s no mistaking the intensity of this stuff. Not for the weak of heart.

Coffee: 9/10
Workspace: 6/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Price: 9/10
Verdict: It’s a little out of my way, but there ain’t much I can complain about here. If you’re thinking of venturing to the west side of the city, stop by Sài Gòn Xưa.

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