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Cafe Trầm

17 June, 2017
Cafe Trầm
100 Trần Huy Liệu, Phú Nhuận District
Wifi password: 12345678

Café Trầm is unassuming from the outside, but despite a fairly narrow profile is a very impressive space on the inside. You wander through a garden of low-hanging lamps and then some very short doors to enter. They open onto stepping-stones that lead you over a little artificial stream (if you’re wheelchair-bound, though, you’re probably out of luck here). It’s flanked by a large wall fountain, lots of greenery, and bright decorations. You can choose from several indoor rooms (I swear they look like miniature mob-boss hangouts or opium dens or something), or an outdoor deck where you can listen to the water. The deck is built around the trees on site, and is quite pleasant if the heat and humidity isn’t crazy. There was a little music playing but it was almost inaudible. The place feels very old and rustic, and is a great place to take a date.

The downside, as you might expect, is price. A plain black coffee is 39,000đ, and that’s about the cheapest thing you’ll find (to include the bottled water!). In addition to Vietnamese-style coffees, they have some teas, various fruit drinks, smoothies, and ice cream-coffee combos (which I may need to try sometime). You’ll find some simple meals too, but no alcohol. The coffee itself…well, it’s good, but doesn’t quite measure up to the price. This is a place I’d shortlist for atmosphere, but not flavor.

Coffee: 6/10
Workspace: 6/10
Atmosphere: 9/10
Price: 3/10
Verdict: Bring your significant other to Trầm sometime. Or bring some buddies and conspire like mob-bosses. Just don’t come on a strict budget.

...This is one entry feature that favors the vertically challenged, however
Even the entryway/parking lot is fancy as hell.

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